About Biosense

Healthcare is one of the largest sectors in India, handled by both public and private players generating a major share of revenue as well as employment opportunities in the country. When it comes to economics of healthcare, a lot of uncertainty is encountered as majority expenditure is still handled in an out-of- pocket fashion in private centers as opposed to insurance which is more popular in the western world. What complicates this business is the compulsive need for presence of moral and ethical values in every aspect along with presenting affordable and quality services.

When it comes to diagnostic services and handling the burden many primary healthcare centers routinely face, the need for rapid and precise testing can ease many aspects of diagnosing the condition, management and also follow-up schedules. These roadblocks have become manageable to a certain extent with the introduction of IT and the digitization of healthcare services in India. POCT or the Point-of- caretesting services mark one aspect of rapid testing solutions widely used today, though the need for a specially trained personnel cannot be overlooked here.

With better infrastructure, IT, booming private sector health centers, trained professionals, etc. growing in an upward trend, the on-ground real-time feed still highlights inadequacy considering the huge number of sick vs. the available resources. So let us understand what we consider milestones yet to be achieved!

1. Uniform and easy access to basic diagnostic services
2. Availability of digital diagnostic devices for on-site general health screening
3. Data storage and mapping of all the tests for trend analysis
4. Technological need to reduce burden on trained professionals
5. Overcome long waiting time, unavailability of certain services, and bridge the rural-urban gap

With the above few and many more unlisted aims in the similar direction, Biosense Technologies was created by a group of Medical professionals, Engineers, Product designers as well as IT coders to utilize the boom of “Digital India” and “Make in India” campaign to contribute towards designing portable yet affordable devices for basic health care screening.

We at Biosense Technologies, believe with the Indian healthcare sector growing at a CAGR of 16.5% and postulated to hit a value of $280 billion by 2020, the scope for technologically advanced entrants which prove to be an accurate high quality affordable backbone for disease management and general health maintenance could never see a better light of acceptance than now!



We operate in the confluence of health technology and people and our vision is to touch and improve the lives of people by sensible and practical use of technology. We envision improving access to better healthcare by extending alternate and appropriate technologies that meets the needs of the masses.


As a team, our collective effort is to continue to provide affordable healthcare to all, without compromising on quality. In trying to achieve that we have always looked at the problems with a different lens (well literally a smartphone camera as a diagnostic eye) and we will continue finding creative and alternative solutions to problems at hand.

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