Eating right to feel light

"What does not feel right in your fight against succumbing to the desires of your tongue?" "Right" is a very reprimanding word for the ever stubborn and aggressive generation of today; what with the ever increasing list of influencers voting for everything processed and packaged to be delicious, fun and easy. To take it ahead, the digital media world is today full of fortified foods, with tall claims which needs a deep pocket to reach. This has changed the definition of "right eating" to "right buying" in a very consumer centric sense.

If mother’s milk is the most important meal for a newborn, and in a sense the “right food” for the infant, how do children, adults and the old falter in continuing the rigmarole? It could be the simplicity associated with trusting in “ignorance is bliss”; also, all thanks to the rampant notion in the air regarding “eating right” being a very tough, time consuming and a too-difficult to follow lifestyle practice. Healthy is a very generic term defined as general asymptomatic well-being involving both the body and mind.

What we eat, has a great deal of effect on our overall health and science has shown even diabetes to be having only 27% genetic contribution, while the rest 73% is environmental influence involving both lifestyle and diet. This small statistics should be an eye-opener for the concerned! Our diet could be the risk minimizer and well as symptom controller to a great extent. To eat well or right does not come with a catalogue, but reminds us to include all the components that is necessary to make our constituents function well. Yes, it does have a list of do’s and don’ts, but not without strategies to cope every cheat day.

Eating right is a conscious decision and is the simplest lifestyle hack. It includes anything cooked in your kitchen with the awareness of the source of your food. The right recipe and the tools are the only game changers here. Eating well does not involve depriving your tongue, but balancing out the flavors and the fundamental constituents. The first thing here are fruits! How many articles have we read about the benefit of fruits; but still we reach out for that canned juice which lacks the important component, fiber from the fruits. Fruits don’t even need a cooking time; a simple wash and a bite is all it takes to devour its goodness. A lazy lot…aren’t we? Eating right is not about getting converted to a vegetarian. Meat eating is a religious need in many parts of the world, and also is an important protein source. Not that a vegetarian diet lacks it; Nature is well balanced in such factors; only we lack to see the fact. The problem with including meat in diet, is that the lovers tend to make it a whole meal, instead of making it a part of the balanced diet. Chicken and

seafood ideally should be a quarter of your meal plate for your protein source and then it becomes goodness (of course needs to be cooked right as well). Eating right is basically the carbohydrate, protein and good fat in recommended amounts and also the after feel we get post every meal. Feeling light involves the mental satisfaction one gets after eating a colorful plate of goodness, and also the bounce on your feet as you walk after every meal. If you can make your meal plate colorful with the greens and leans as well as the lentils and herbs, you are already on the path of eating right. Make it a religion and you can indeed feel the divine!