Lancets or the regular lancets are integral to make puncture wounds for drawing capillary blood in testing. Fit with a double-edged needle, regular lancets however need to be used with care as they pose an increased risk of sharp injuries and infection as the needle remains exposed even post use. However, with the use of a lancing pen, the safety aspect is covered to a great extent.


The SYNC glucometer comes with an integrated lancing pen making it an extremely easy and manageable glucose monitoring aid. Built in an easy-to-use concept, the regular lancets in Sync come stored in a lancet drawer from wherein these can be inserted in the attached lancing pen before use.
With the ability to adjust the penetration depth from 1-5 for sample collection from skin of different thickness, the safety lancet exhibits comparable performance among all users.
The regular lancets for use with SYNC glucometer are available in pack size of 100 in each.