When it comes to capillary blood glucose monitoring, the necessity of a lancet in crucial to draw the sample. Safety lancets are retractable needles that prevent accidental pricks and reduce risk of infection. With an in-built single use system, these lancets are excellent travel partners. This high-speed device ensures minimal prick sensation, yet drawing adequate amount of blood for testing. With an advantage to prevent sharp injuries, safety lancets offer great advantage to all professionals in a clinical environment. With the ability to puncture and penetrate to a predetermined depth during sample collection, safety lancets in a way become specific and personalized to every patient type.


1. Easy to carry and sleek design

2. Inbuilt color indicator; blue indicating new lancet

3. Single-use safety feature

4. Needle covered with an easy-to-remove simple yet sturdy twist cap

5. A single click press button to activate and fire