Developing nations like India are suffering from malnutrition and anaemia. Millions of children and pregnant woman die every year due to lack of accessibility to diagnose anaemia. Saying that early detection is the only cure to beat this problem, ToucHb was developed.

ToucHb is a non-invasive anaemia screener which mean it detects anaemia without a needle poke by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva. ToucHb not only focus on the easy functionality factor but also on the affordability factor.

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  • Non-Invasive :
    Needle free and painless anaemia screening
  • Instant Results :
    Haemoglobin test result displayed in about one minute
  • Lightweight and Portable :
    Hand held device weighing less than 300g
  • Easy Use :
    Simple three step testing process.
  • Affordable & Reliable :
    No recurrent or hidden costs Can be used in primary health settings & screening programmes