uChek is a smart phone based portable diagnostic system which measures micro albumin to creatine ratio and multi parameters of routine urine. uChek – urine analysis system takes images at predetermined time intervals to detect colour changes in urine strip parameter pad and give highly accurate results.

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  • Affordable :
    uChek system costs less than 1/3 rd as compared to other systems.
  • Simple & Intuitive :
    Can be used easily by health care personnel, receptionist, nurse and doctors.
  • Compatible with Biosense strips :
    uChek system gives best results with Biosense URS10 and Biosense 2AC strips.
  • Quick results :
    Displays result in less than 5 seconds after strips reading time.
  • Lightweight & Portable :
    uChek system weighs less 1.5 kilograms.
  • Truly point of care urine testing :
    uChek does not need electricity can be used for bedside testing.
  • Integrated Data Organiser :
    Separate feature for keeping your data secure, easily accessible and efficient real-time management.

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