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Our Products:

1. SYNC Glucometer.

Biosense SYNC is a Smart & All-in-one compact sized Glucometer designed for personal use. Know More

2. Uchek.

uChek is a smart phone based portable diagnostic system which measures micro albumin to creatine ratio. Know More

3. ToucHb

ToucHb is a non-invasive anaemia screener which mean it detects anaemia without a needle poke. Know More


Disease conditions like Diabetes, Heart diseases and Cancer garner a lot of attention due to the epidemic proportion of population afflicted. Majority of the healthcare services hence continue to focus on making available screening and management modalities for these. We at Biosense technologies believe introduction of technologically advanced user friendly devices should be developed for use to handle basic screening tests to begin with. This will lead to a two-pronged benefit; lower burden on primary healthcare services and empower the user to screen and manage conditions in a real-time fashion.

Glucose monitoring in blood is designated to be the most crucial diagnostic test to keep a tab on diabetes control as well as to identify pre-diabetics. With 70 million affected Indians, our country is racing fast to be termed the “diabetes capital of the world”.

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Urinalysis or a simple urine test refers to analysing the filtered waste of our body. This routinely prescribed test is generally used as the pilot diagnostic measure combined with a blood test to identify many abnormalities related to liver, kidney, as well as diabetes and infection.

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The Global Nutrition Report of 2017 highlighted India to carry a serious burden of Obesity, Malnutrition and Anaemia wherein emphasis has been urged to be laid upon integrating our action goals on global nutrition to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.

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